Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I was born for this.

Ok. Did anyone else get chills when they watched the episode of Glee: vol. 1 episode: wheels? When Rachel and Kurt sang Defying Gravity? Cause my body was going crazy with goosebumps the whole song(and no I wasn't cold). I've heard them sing it before and I'VE even sung the song before but watching them...I don't even know how to describe it. Kurt is an amazing counter tenor and Rachel is just amazing period.

I just wanna pause right now and say how I can't believe I'm blogging about Glee.

Anyway, they're both amazing, and with my competition coming up I watch this show none stop. My point in writing is I feel like I was born for this...for music. For all the performing and singing. I don't know what everyone else does it for you, but it's not for the audience. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels walking on stage with the spotlight on me, and I walk up to the microphone as the music begins...and I start to sing. I feel the music I don't just sing it. All those kids on that show are so gifted and talented. God given talent. I mean, can you feel it when they sing? When any artist sings? I am so excited to go to college next fall, and dive face first in to all the music and training I can get. But as much as I love learning about it, I love doing it even more. Anyone can be as technical and as precise as possible, but when someone is feeling it and singing it, that's when the audience gets chills. Am I talking to myself? You're not gonna read this now because I had Glee in it. *sigh* I guess I am becoming a 'Gleek'(not really). Anyway, 5 days from now I'm going to be on Yardley stage. Singing with 12 other crazy talented(well, most of them) young adults. I've come so far and as much as I wanted to win, at least I made it to the finals. If my name isn't called I will try to be content with that, but I will say how much I want it.

My goal is to go to sleep before 2 am tonight. Yes, I'm still partyin it up because I don't have school in the morning, or at all this semester.


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  1. I read it. You're going to be singing in Yardley? Is it open to the public?